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Helping You Recover From Anorexia and/or Bulimia

My book "How To Kiss Goodbye To Ana - Using EFT in Anorexia Recovery" describes my personal journey of anorexia and recovery, and teaches EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) as a self help tool, and the work required in order to completely recover from anorexia or other eating disorder.  It includes questionnaires, worksheets, exercises and tapping scripts.

Now I've read a few self help books in my time, but recovery on your own can be extremely difficult.  Let's face it, it can be hard work even if you've got the best professionals around you.  But I remember reading through those books thinking, yeh that sounds good, but I'll do it tomorrow.  I just read the theory but didn't actually do the practice.  Have you ever done this?   The reason for me was that I was scared of change.  I wanted some kind of support, but I didn’t know where to find it, or if the kind of support I wanted was available.  I know I needed to go to my GP (always essential), but I was still desperate to remain in control and feel safe.  I needed a half way house.

Now I'd love for you to come and work 1:1 with me (subject to places being available) however I realise that this might be a step too far for you just now.  So in order to offer you support in a way that feels 'easier' and 'safer', I've created a great 'next step' for you, something which I would’ve liked - a 4 week online programme - accessible via your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile.

This Online Programme Is For You If You’re Ready To Start:

- letting go of the guilt and shame you feel

- easing your fears and anxiety around food 

- feeling more relaxed around your body

- quietening that voice in your head

- feeling more loved and safe, that you belong

- discovering how to be completely free and to keep taking steps towards recovery

- planning for and being excited about your future

Online Support

How The Weekly Support Programme Works?

Before the programme begins you’ll get a welcome pack detailing everything you need to know, to help you prepare. You’ll also receive a questionnaire to fill in, to ensure I focus on your needs during the four weeks.

Each week, you'll get a recorded video emailed to you packed with exercises to work through and resources to try.  You'll also get three emails per day (over the four weeks) to keep you motivated to actually do the work.

You also get access to a closed facebook group where I'll do a Facebook Live session each week and you can ask me anything you like.  Let me know what you're finding difficult, how to ‘tap’ on a particular issue, ask for support and guidance, or even post in the group what your aim is for that day.  Can't make it live?  No problem. During the week you can post (or email) your questions and I'll address them on the next weekly live.  Don’t want to be in the facebook group?  That’s fine.  I’ll email you a recorded copy.  However, joining the group will allow you to support and receive support from other group members.

Investment: £97

How The Daily Support Programme Works?

You’ll get everything from the Weekly Support programme BUT as you’ve probably guessed, you receive daily support from me. Email or post in the dedicated facebook group and I’ll be in touch every day to help support, motivate and inspire you.  

Investment: £247


Week One: Letting Go of Guilt and Shame and Feel More Hopeful

Helping you learn new ways of dealing with your emotions so that you can stop punishing yourself.

Week Two: Letting Go of Fear and Anxiety and Feel More Relaxed

Identifying all your fears of letting go, such as losing control and putting on lots of weight, and feeling a ‘failure’. Thoughts that people won’t give you the same support, that you’ll lose your identity, your safety net, and your ‘friend’.

Helping you work through these so that the voice in your head becomes quieter and you feel more calm.

Week Three: How You Can Feel Completely Free Without Anxiety

Exploring the root cause to find the key to becoming  free of the eating disorder.  And when I say free, I don’t mean being able to eat but still feeling anxious or guilty.  I mean all the fears that you identified in Week Two are no longer fears for you.

Week Four: Planning Your Exciting Future

Start to look towards a future you can feel excited about, to keep you motivated to keep taking steps in your recovery.  Remember though that continually looking too far ahead can be overwhelming, so it’s important to concentrate on one step at a time.

Next Programme TBC.  Email me at kim@kissgoodbyetoana.com to be notified of the next start date.

4 Week Online Programme: Weekly Support

4 Week Online Programme: Daily Support

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Sign up to the Daily Support Programme £297