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Helping You Recover From Anorexia and/or Bulimia

Whether your anorexia is mild, moderate or severe, you need help.  And it’s a proven fact that the earlier you seek help, the better your chance of recovery. (B-eat)

Do you want help but fear losing control and gaining weight?

I address your fears and underlying issues which help:

Due to my own experience of anorexia, I am able to offer a professional service whilst ensuring you feel listened to, understood, taken seriously, feel safe and secure, treated with warmth and compassion and not judged.

Sound good?

Invest in the

12 Week Programme  (Complete Support) £1797

Or invest in the

6 Month Programme  (Complete Support) £2997

These programmes give the best support possible to enable you to start to transform how you feel about yourself and your life, as I hold your hand every step of the way.  

Common Concerns:

Q.  Why can’t I just book a weekly session with you?

A:  Recovery from an eating disorder requires some motivation and I find that this programme works best for my clients as they are committed to working with me for an amount of time.  I know myself how easy it can be to cancel an appointment at the last minute, due to anxiety and this programme helps avoid this.  

Q:  I’m so busy, I’m not sure I have the time to commit to this?

A:  Consider prioritising yourself, your recovery needs to come first.  How bad do you need to feel before you’ll get the help you deserve?  Believe me, it only gets more difficult and there’s never a better day to start working towards recovery, than today.

Q:  I’m not sure I can afford it?

A:  Are you not worth investing in? How much is transforming your life, feeling happy, being free of the eating disorder, worth to you?  Can you afford not to? When I had weekly sessions, I felt very alone for the rest of the week and would struggle to implement anything we’d discuss.  Hence why I’m offering as much support as you need on a daily basis, making this programme fantastic value.  However I do understand financial concerns so there is a payment plan available should this be required.  Just ask.

Q:  I’m not sure I’m ready?

A:  I totally get this, the eating disorder has been your way of coping and staying in control so the thought of giving that up is scary!  There are so many other fears about gaining weight, losing your identity, losing support from others and them thinking that you’re OK.  I understand this and can help you eliminate these fears.

Q:  Can you really help me?  Is recovery actually possible?

A:  Yes and yes!  I have helped women who have struggled for decades, who weren’t sure if recovery was possible for them, have tried various treatments in the past that didn’t work, but who have totally transformed their lives when working with me.  Read some client testimonials here.

Q:  Is the 12 week or 6 month package best for me?

A: Some of my clients like feeling that they will make huge progress within 12 weeks so this is ideal for them.  However, some clients feel worried that 12 weeks won’t be enough for them, and want to feel supported for a longer period of time.  It depends on what feels right for you.

Please book a call with me for a free consultation and to discuss whether this is a suitable programme for you.  This is NOT a sales call, I just provide you with the information you need in order to make a decision.  I believe that you will have a much better chance of recovery if you work with someone you feel comfortable with, and if you are ready, so I never look to persuade anyone to work with me.

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