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Helping You Recover From Anorexia and/or Bulimia


“I expected you to be good, I didn’t expect you to be a miracle worker!”


“THANK YOU for helping my daughter. Its been hard here to write about the subtle but incredible miracles that we have seen”

By Mother of BS

“With very rich experience, tremendous amount of patience and lots of compassion, Kim can always lift me out of any kind of emotional problems that I came to her with.  To be able to work with Kim is a blessing for me”

By Susan Zhao.

“I worked with Kim for three months and working with her really helped me at a time when I was feeling very low and out of control.

She is a kind, warm and friendly person who very quickly put me at ease and I really enjoyed working with her.

She really helped me to explore my issues and the causes of them and to develop strategies and skills for dealing with things that come up in the future.

I would highly recommend working with Kim to others and I know that if I need help further down the road I wouldn't hesitate to call her again” JE

“I started working with Kim just after I hit rock bottom. I had never heard of this tapping technique and was so desperate to find anything that would help ease my anxiety around food. After having a consultation meeting I decided to go for the 12 week package in which I saw Kim every week and we would work on root causes regarding my eating disorder.

After tapping on different comments, situations, the way I feel about people , gave me much more understanding of the whole situation.

Knowing that Kim had gone through the same experience as me was really comforting as she completely understood all my worries and anxiety around food. She was so patient and didn’t judge me with anything I said to her.

I loved being able to keep in touch every day and help me decide what puddings I should have! I still continue tapping everyday and I find it relaxes me and makes me feel less guilty.

One thing I should mention regarding tapping is you need to be patient and give time for it to work as it takes a bit of practice to get used to. After the first few weeks I got into a routine and found that doing tapping in the morning and when I go to bed suits me.

I still keep in touch with Kim now and she has definitely been a big help with my recovery process. I would recommend this treatment for other people suffering as it’s a small price to pay for your health and you get to meet an inspirational woman”. RC

“Before I came to Kim, I think it is fair to say that I had hit rock bottom and had been ill for over 20 years, starting with Anorexia in my late teens, with the illness morphing to include Bulimia nervosa and compulsive eating. In short I was depressed, had an awful relationship with food and lived my life in constant stress response.

 At 42 years of age I was still suffering from Bulimic episodes, as well as compulsive and disordered eating. I had already tried conventional eating disorder treatment, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, not to mention a bewildering array of anti depressant drug therapy, with varying degrees of success, but the fact was, I was STILL ill, and the underlying problems that contributed to my disorder were still there.

When I first started the work with Kim, I was skeptical of how something so simple could solve such huge problems. I could not understand how tapping could work, when other more conventional treatments had had slower and more minimal impact on my disease.

I was and still am totally amazed by the powerful effects that tapping has had on me.

If you are willing to do the work each day, it can, and will have a striking and positive impact on your illness. It is possible to de power the negative emotions that lead to your eating disorder. I am in awe of its affects on me, and the best thing about it is, that now I have learned the skill, I can use it any time I need it. Simple, yet effective. I cannot thank Kim enough for what she has taught me”.  SL