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Introducing my approach so you can experience for yourself how it works and how it helps. Also gives an insight into why you might have an eating disorder, how the negative beliefs you have about yourself are the underlying cause for your eating disorder and how you need to change these in order to truly recover.

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Video Series “Helping You Kiss Goodbye To Ana”

Want to Kiss Goodbye To Ana without losing your control, focusing on restoring weight, or being interrogated about your daily food intake?  Then my FREE video series is for you.  Through these videos you will discover:

An insight into the root causes of your anorexia and how you can address them

Learn a simple, yet powerful tool, that will have you feeling more calm and relaxed whenever you need it.

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10 Steps To Feeling Better About Yourself

Want to feel better about yourself?  Feel good enough?  Stop beating yourself up?  Stop comparing yourself to others?  This is the key to recovery and is totally possible.

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